As you all know we have included floral’s as part of the Bandit’s Ridge package along with other additions. Since winter is finally coming to an end, we have started to put out our spring decor for the weddings and other events that we will have. Spring is always a good time to start fresh, cleaning and redesigning seems to be the thing to do during this season, so that is what we have done here.

We always decorate the small barn, or cocktail barn according to the seasons. With the spring decor, we always do something bright and airy. The decor is always something that will go with any color that the couple chooses for their wedding and they also have the opportunity to add to it, if they wanted to. This year we have decided to go with a garden theme in the small barn. We chose light greenery that has a flow to is, as if its been growing there for a while.

On the chandeliers, we decided on a weeping willow look, with the greenery hanging down from the top instead of a wreath around the bottom of the chandelier. We always like to add something to the antique window panes in the small barn. There is greenery, that matches the chandeliers, on alternating sides of the window panes that invites any color flower that us wanted. The light greenery really brightens up the room and makes it more elegant feeling. We also decorated the center piece of the barn, which is the mantle. We knew we did not want to just put a garland on the mantle; we wanted to keep the flowing look going. So, we found a bunch of greenery that matched everything else we had done in the barn and added it all together with a little color with some white flowers. The garden look we chose for this year is so inviting and creates a elegant but simple look that will go with any decor.

With a lot of brain storming (which probably started in January), and having the team come together to pick some great products, everything turned out great in the cocktail barn. We can not wait to share our decor with our spring brides and hope they enjoy it as much as we enjoyed putting it all together! Happy Spring!!


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