Guest List

Have you been round & round with your fiance on who to invite to the wedding? Guest Lists can be very stressful when you are on a budget but I hope these few tips may help you create that perfect list.
1. List your immediate family
2. List your special friends
3. List the extended family members
4. List co-workers & acquaintances that you tend to hang with
5. Then, invite your parents friends that feel will be offended if not invited.

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving.  As we move into the Christmas season, let’s not forget about the real meaning of Christmas!  Through the hustle & bustle of everyday lives, let us remember the ones that are so dear to us…fiance or spouse, parents, children, grandparents, or someone who has made a huge…

Thinking of You

Thinking of You- Welcome to Bandit’s Ridges new website! As we continue to build and improve our venue we thought it was only right to improve our website as well. We’ve developed this site with you in mind and hope that the pictures and information is beneficial as you search for your venue. We’re glad…